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Ask me anything you would like to know. Something in your life or around your life; I will try my hardest to find answers for it or give a good amount of “Unique Advice on the situation.

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I am not google! I do not know facts without googling them. But I do have advice. For everyone. Even though my opinion really does not matter. I still know some things. So please do not be afraid to ask.

We can explore answers and theories together. I can even write a special post on each question; within reason of course… 🙂

What would you like to explore????


  1. How Do I Understand Life?– “Project Understand”

25 replies


  1. Memories With A Purpose – Unique Advice
  2. On A Lighter Note – Unique Advice
  3. Do Not Love Sleep, Boost Your Energy, Boost Your Life – Unique Advice
  4. Real World Issues – Unique Advice
  5. Maybe Later….. – Unique Advice
  6. Burdens of Fear and Anxiety – Unique Advice
  7. Action requires Attention – Unique Advice
  8. One Thing After Another – Unique Advice
  9. A Poem For Today – Unique Advice
  10. Self Evaluation – Unique Advice
  11. Help Me Help You – Unique Advice
  12. Another Holiday, Another Party – Unique Advice
  13. Being A “Real” Writer – Unique Advice
  14. Unknown But Possible Challenge Day 1 – Unique Advice
  15. Reason To Your Purpose Challenge Day 2 – Unique Advice
  16. Shaping future Generations – Unique Advice
  17. Bad Moments? My Challenge Day 4 – Unique Advice
  18. Now Or Never – Unique Advice
  19. Bring on the Sunshine – Unique Advice
  20. It is Sunday Everyone! :) – Unique Advice

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