It is Sunday Everyone! :)

Yay! The final day is finally here!

I made it to day seven of my 7 day challenge. It is definitely a relief. Even though it is over; I have learned so much.

It amazes me what I am actually capable of accomplishing.

I have learned, I can write in spite of my babies. Through the crying moments, the needing something every few minutes, it does slow me down. But I can work through it AND still get it done. I did not realize when I started this challenge that I would be learning so much. I have learned a lot; about myself, about my website and so much more then I ever knew possible.

I encourage new writers to try this challenge. It really did me some good. Whoever you are, what ever you want to be, You can do amazing things!

Unique Advice For Today:    Take a risk. You are capable of soo many things. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you work hard at it. If you fail, get up, learn from it, then try again. Learn what you are made of. You are more valuable/capable then you “think” you are.

I know that one is a little lame. Honestly I never used to truly believe it until about a year ago or so. But taking a risk is important. Jumping into your career is a scary move. It is a big jump for you. But also it is a crucial one for your future. Fear is only in your mind. There is nothing you can fail at that you will never come back from.

So do not be afraid to go for your future!

Have a wonderful rest of your week. I hope you will still tune back in on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6pm for more Unique Advice.



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