Month: June 2018

Help Me Help You

There are so many areas of my life that need work. I suck at staying organized. I suck at keeping schedules. I am also terrible at making everyone happy and keeping it that way. Most of these posts help me… Read More ›

Self Evaluation

In life there are going to be tons of people who are going to evaluate you in different areas of your life. In business , your boss or bosses will evaluate your level of professionalism, your knowledge, and your general… Read More ›

A Poem For Today

At this very moment all you can do is breathe. At this very moment all you can do is pray. At this very moment all you can do is hope. When things get turned upside down; You don’t have to… Read More ›

Father or Not

To all the Fathers out there, Happy Fathers day.. Most fathers are taken for granted. In my house we didn’t have a dad who was around a lot. So our mother was both of our parents. She did an amazing… Read More ›


This month I had a plan. I have a list of blog posts FINALLY laid out for almost each post day this month. I was finally ahead. Then, Life happened. There are plenty of things going on around us and… Read More ›

Maybe Later…..

We will not be posting the article that was planned for this evening; Due to a family emergency. Please take this time to check out some of the other pages or posts on our site. Home Gallery Ask Me? Words… Read More ›

Boost Your Life

One of the most important parts of being productive, is keeping up energy levels. Sleeping has been a huge part of my life. Until I had kids I did not realize how tired I was all the time. It is… Read More ›