Month: May 2018

On A Lighter Note

I have come to realize that my last several posts have been a tad gloomy. So in light of this I have gathered together a few smile makers. Hopefully they turn out as such. Although there are plenty of reasons… Read More ›

Memories With A Purpose

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone! I am sorry if you have ever lost a loved one. If you have ever lost someone close, a small piece of your heart has been broken. As we have talked about before, death is inevitable…. Read More ›

Event Sanity

Hello everyone, I would like you all to stop after this sentence and take a deep breath. Slowly…..1…..2…..3….. The rush of life takes over constantly. There is always something going on. As we have covered before, taking a step back… Read More ›

Why I Believe

I believe in God the father. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe. It is hard conversation to have with people. Mainly because it is hard for people to understand. Many people have many… Read More ›

5 More Minutes

Today my son turned 5. It is a big mark for all of us. Next year is the start of kindergarten. Everything he knows has increased dramatically. He is a big kid now. Since I have dinner going and guests… Read More ›

A Moment For Mom

Today is a blessing for the entire World. God created moms to bring forth children. Children that populate the Earth. Even if you are not a mom. You have been blessed with one. Not all moms are great. Suprisingly though,… Read More ›

Let’s Be Real

Truth be told, I would like to write about things that matter. I would love to always give great advice on every aspect of life. Some days I do not feel like I have much to give. Some days it… Read More ›