Event Sanity

Hello everyone, I would like you all to stop after this sentence and take a deep breath. Slowly…..1…..2…..3…..

The rush of life takes over constantly. There is always something going on. As we have covered before, taking a step back to breathe is critical. As well as spending time with the people in your life who are important. I love my family and I love my husbands family. I especially love my own little personal family. Just the four of us. It has been ideal lately to make time for “just us” This is hard to do. Especially during the busy months. But when you think about it there are more busy months then not. It is important to cycle through each season as elegantly as possible.

For the month of May, I can not even begin to explain to you how much we have always had going on. Especially with both families combined, it is hard to even breathe between events. May has officially been deemed our “busy month”. Some moments it is real rough. You get done at one event just to go to the next. As it seems. But it may never change. We are under the assumption it will always be this way. Our family will not be getting any smaller, at least not any time soon. We love each and every one of them. All for many different reasons of course. So instead of wishing it to go faster, which will rob you of enjoying it. Instead of wishing it differently, which would rob you of the experiences and memories following. We have found other ways to cope with the busy times.

Unique Advice for Today:    When going through a busy period, pray for peace. Pray for joy. If you can enjoy each “event” for what it is. If you can have peace through each activity; you will not be caught up in the what should have happened or what should be or not be or blah blah blah….. It is a much simpler life if we can learn to enjoy each event for what it actually is. A God given Memory, A blessing, something worth holding onto. Remember you also have a voice. Remember you do not, by any means HAVE to go to every event. You do not HAVE to stress yourself out for events that you do not want to take on. This does not mean you can skip out on everything. Otherwise you could be skipping out on valuable parts of life. But just as family time and breathing are important; So is your sanity. Try to not over encumber yourself.

I have always found it hard to tell people no. I have always wanted to please everyone. I want to fix things for everyone. I have wanted to change things that I am not responsible for. Over the past two or three years I have done a lot of growing and a lot of learning. It’s still hard to tell which situations I am suppose to control and which ones I am suppose to flow with. Prayer has been the only way I have found answers to questions that are seemingly impossible to answer. To explain more in depth; I ALSO HATE DECISION MAKING!!

Take on each situation has it comes. Over come all of the obstacles that WILL be thrown in your way. Breathe. In life you must make decisions, you must face people, and you will NOT be able to fix/change everything. It is possible to know in your heart which directions to go, as long as you sit down and pray. With faith you will find answers. As it is the only way I believe you will be able to keep your sanity AND enjoy each life event to the fullest.


Remember to come back for more Unique Advice every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm (PT). 🙂




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