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Hello friends,

As you all have figured out by now; I decided to take the summer off writing articles weekly. With everything that has been on going, (I.e. summer activities, family time, the quickness of the season); It’s been hard to find the time to really even think straight.

It has also been a long time since I have taken a break. Definitely was a break much needed. Stepping back and really living for awhile helps freshen ones views on things.

I have been spending a lot of time reading and reflecting. Mostly the bible, but there have been a few other books and such I have began to take an interest to as well. Usually I’m not one for reading, but this time apart has really given me more insight on the areas I feel are truly important in life.

Love, Family, Faith, Reality, Devotion, Health, these are all examples of important areas that have stood out prominently over the passed several weeks. Along with subjects such as , Preparation, Focus, Prayer, Quality. The list is seemingly all over the place, but they have all had a great way of intertwining into my life in such significant ways.

I feel as though this break has made a big impact on myself and my writing. I also feel there is much more to come out of every article from here on. Not sure at the moment how much longer this “break” will last. There is however a high chance that once school starts again I will actually have a bit more time on my hands to catch up on some areas. Praying these writings will finally take on a higher priority as we move forward.

There is plenty more I would love to include here, but I feel as though each article from here on should have a special meaning on its own. I hope and pray you all see the special meaning within this article here.

Make sure to keep us in your prayers. As are you in ours. For now, I would like to tell you; you all mean a ton to myself and to God.

Make sure to check back soon to keep tabs on the new schedule to come this fall.

Be blessed always!!


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