In the Beginning

Well here we are again; Still the new year of 2019. A lot of you have chosen to better yourself in some way this time around. For millions of people, the New Year celebration is all about change. Embracing change, making change, noticing how much has changed.

Whether or not you have chosen to make a difference, you must be fully engulfed in Change, to be able to achieve any level of it. You have to take a step forward. For some of you it is a step of faith, for others of you it is a step you have a hard time taking even though it seems easy. For others it is a step that changes everything within the moment. What is important to remember about making any change in your life, is nothing is ever going to be really easy.

Change and everything that comes from it, starts out hard. It does not matter how easy you think it will be. It WILL be hard, from the start, to the moments in between, and even sometime at the end. Although the end of change should be the easy part. But that’s just it. When the “change” ends, most are still working towards a new change. To better yourself constantly, in theory, you will always be seeking some type of change.

Something that intrigues me; As it is stated in the Bible;

” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” Genesis 1:1-2 NKJV

Well three points from today’s verse. First, In the beginning for us, there was nothing until it was created by God. Had he chosen to not change anything, there would not be an us. Second, The earth was without form. Meaning he formed it; With his mere voice, or hands depending on what you choose to believe in the interpretation. Had he chose not to change it. There would be no living earth as we know it now. And Third, the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. (Wondering if that means the Holy Spirit was and IS God. Right? That’s the assumption.

Sp with that all being said, when Christ died, and then he left so the Holy Spirit could be with us, walk with us, and help us. It was and IS the same spirit that was there since the beginning of all time. How incredible is that to think that he sent the HOLY SPIRIT that was present as our World and Ourselves were being made.

All these changes made it possible for Jesus to come to Earth, they made it possible for there to be an earth, and it made it all possible for us to have the Holy Spirit with no. Helping us through our day to day lives.

HELPING US with the changes we are making now, and the changes we will make in the future. He knows our needs, he knows our hurts and he interprets our feelings when we have no words to cry out to God.

He was present since the beginning, but once Christ died and opened the doors for Him (HOLY SPIRIT) to be with us ALWAYS! That changed everything!

So this time of year is about change. But we need to value who we are making change for. Like I have said before. We do not change for just ourselves. We do not change, only to benefit us. We need to remember to embrace it, because of who we are suppose to be. Who we are meant to be, is why it is important we try to better ourselves. Even just little bits at a time. We are capable of so much more. We ALL have a purpose worth pursuing.

Unique Advice Today: Keep embracing change. Take a step of faith, a first step. Or what ever step you need to take, just to keep moving forward. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Love you all. Bless you all! Enjoy your wonderful first weekend of the year. 😉

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