Because Why?

So today I would like to address a few questions that I think some of you are having. Our website is not about a religion. It was not even intended to be mostly about church, or churchy things, or other “religious aspects” that people seem to think it is about now. Our website was designed to impart wisdom. I do believe in God. I do believe God loves ALL of us. I also believe there is TRUE wisdom in the word of God. All of the “advice” I give on here comes from the heart. My heart. What I know, what I have learned, what I have seen, some even step on subjects I am still learning about. I do not know a whole bunch about life. But I do have family, I do have feelings, I do have a home, I have housework, I have finances, a fiance, and we have two kids, yes two. I also believe certain things that are hard to explain. Plus I believe things that are not always easy to understand.

The point behind me explaining myself, is not to defend myself but to open up doors to all of you. Whether you believe in God or not. Whether you have a home, a family, a husband, kids OR NOT! This website is a place for all of you no matter where you are from to learn something about some part of your life. There are many ways to handle situations. There are many opinions about how to learn, or how to teach, or what to say. Nothing in this world only has ONE way to do anything. That is what makes us as people special. You know, our personal visions; Our opinions, our views, our hopes, our dreams, even our will to do it “our way”; Those things make us unique. Those things make us special. But that is just it. Those things that make us special and unique, also cause division. They cause confusion, frustration, and even heartbreak.

There are many things I do not understand. I want this site to be a place where even I can learn all sorts of stuff as well. I want to know more. I want to understand more. I also believe and have known for awhile that everything we go through in life. Every situation we face, every obstacle we need to overcome; All of those things, there is genuine advice on how to handle each one , in the Holy Bible. It is true. Once I learned how to pray, how to research and how to discover genuine advice; that is what got me started on this whole adventure. It is the basis for creating this website. I want to know everything. I realize that is a long shot. But it is something that has been on my heart for so many years now.

I want to know what you know, I want to know how you feel and why. I want to understand things that I have never been able to understand before. There is so much wisdom and knowledge within our lives. We each have our own views and opinions, if we aren’t sharing them with others, then we will never actually know the full truth. If our views are true, they will line up with the actual truth. Not worldly truth, or worldly knowledge. But a more genuine truth. Everything that is true, WILL line up with the word of God, in some way shape or form. I know that is a hard truth sometimes. None the less, it is the truth.

That is one reason why it is so critical to hang around people who are going to build you up. People who are going to embrace your views and opinions, but also share how those views relate to actual truth. People who make you want to know more, learn more, see more, and understand more. Maybe even drive you to,… dare I say it…; Prove them wrong. 🙂 I realize that sounds silly but it is truthful. If you are hanging out with people who do not challenge you, or people who do not help embrace who you are, or people who do not make you think clearly and “accurately” about subjects; then I hate to be the one to break it to you; But you need different people. I used to think it was fine to not hang out with any one. I did not care if I went out, or did things, or went places with people; because I did not care for people, especially people my age. I did not care for how some of them acted, I did not care for what most of them said.

I fell in love with my fiance because he challenged me. He challenge my way of thinking. He made me realize if I was going to think something or believe in something, then I need to be prepared to give a reason, or give an actual answer about why I believe or why I feel or why, why what?. He changed how I thought about my belief. In my head it was so simple. I believe some things because I know or have seen them. If I am going to be around any one else, I should be able to give people point blank reasons. Not just weird facts, or robot answers. I learned I needed to know more, study more, and think more to survive in this world we are living in today.

My man and I have debates about things all of the time. It is beneficial for both of us. It helps us both learn, understand, and think more about all sorts of things. That is the crazy part of all of this. I want to know more. I have always been the type of friend who loves giving advice. Up until my man came along nobody ever questioned my advice. They either received it or didn’t. No one asked why. It got me thinking about how many other people I could have given advice too if I would have just known my facts better. If I would have just known more about the subject.

Most people do not question doctors or teachers, because they know that person went to school for a long time and studied that area. They HAD to know their stuff before they were allowed to work in that area. That is what makes my job so hard. I do not know things because I went to school and learned about them. I know things because of what I have lived through. What I have seen, what I have read, what I have collected, I know the voice in my spirit. The one that helps me decipher the right answers from the wrong ones. It is a gift and a skill that I have been blessed with. But I will never know everything. I can however hope and pray to know more by the time I need to give advice on it. Ya Know?

I am unsure of how well you will all handle this article today. This is just a message to all of you that I am still learning. Also it is a message to let you all know I will never stop using the Word of God in my articles because I know there is true wisdom and understanding in that Word. My apologies if that offends you. But I will never not share and give advice on the truth. This website is geared around the truth. Nothing less. There are a lot of unanswered questions at times. But I know one day we will have answers to most of them.

So I do really hope you all learn something or at least feel something each time you come to this website. I hope and pray knowledge, TRUE knowledge fills your hearts, and your minds, at some point in your existence.

You are all loved, you are all blessed, and you are all a blessing. Please share any questions, concerns, prayer requests, or ANYTHING that is on your heart. Stop by ANYTIME and say whatever you would like because this world would never learn anything if we keep EVERYTHING inside.

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