Cooking A Change

Recently I have started watching kind of a silly show. It is called “Worst Cooks in America”. I define this as “Silly”; because I am sure there are lots of different opinions about the show. I also know there are… Read More ›

Welcome to Unique Advice

Thank you for visiting our page and do not forget to share our content on any of your favorite social media sites. Everyone could use a bit of Unique Advice.


A lot of changes have been made the past couple of weeks. So whether you are New around here or have been here before; I hope you will be able to find your way around.
I hope that you will come along with us for this experience of Embracing knowledge and Sharing General Life Advice. There is something in here for anyone and everyone to learn.

Every month We will start a new segment. Learning and covering as much of the basics as we can. One step at a time.

We will touch on spiritual life, home life, family life, life events, basic problem solving and so much more. (tips, tricks, advice, encouragement, love, outreach)

We will continue to learn and spread so much knowledge on different subjects that we will encounter throughout our lives. As long as you are in pursuit of Knowledge you will be one step ahead of life as you know it.

There will be more Unique Advice EVERY Wednesday and Friday at 6pm (PT). Hope you will join us 🙂


New this month: Interacting

Coming Soon: Creative Writing Page

Also Check Out Our Gallery Page, it is full of beautiful photos from the Oregon Area!


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