The Truth about Sharing Your Story

Once upon a time there was you. You have a story worth telling. Realistically it is not always a super exciting story. But you have one. Whether you choose to write about your story, journal your story, or just share some of it with your babies. It is sometimes super important to share who you are and how you got there. I am not super old. I only have a few stories worth telling. I have only a few really large life lessons to write about. But I have learned a lot the past couple of years.

Enough so that I am sure my story is worth telling. At least in sections. Since the beginning of time, if people didn’t share their stories or at least document some of them; Then the human race would not have learned as much as they have. Having a hard copy of some mistakes, has made a difference in a lot of ways. Some stories need told. Some examples need to be made. Some lessons need to be documented. A lot of time and energy has been saved by understanding certain things from the start.

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be able to teach my babies based on the experiences I have endured. I started a journal when I was much, much younger so I could remember some of my life lessons. A lot of lessons worth learning do need to be experienced personally before there will be an understanding of it. It is still important to try to teach common sense.

May is the start of Spring. Usually, in most cases spring is suppose to be March but where we are from it can certainly range. The new seasons bring new experiences and new life lessons. There is just a lot going on most days. When you go through something that is difficult on you, you can potentially safe time and pain if you are willing to make a note of it.

My Unique Advice today; Start sharing your stories with those around you. If that makes you uncomfortable; then start up a journal. It is important we learn and understand life for what is. Its beneficially to learn from our mistakes the first time. Super beneficial to share at least with our children; In hopes they don’t make the same mistakes we did.

The concept of; You mean something to someone, is difficult to understand. But I can tell you right now, something can be learned from your life. mistakes or not. As long we pursue the journey and learn to share it along the way.


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