Plans Change When Life Happens

When there are thousands of possibilities on how the day will go, you can never really plan for what WILL happen. Life happens, things change, people change and the clock continues to tick. You will not always be able to control everything. Some things are completely out of your control.

This subject is one that I have touched on in the past. But I feel like there are so many people who haven’t even heard of the concept. If they can not control a situation; Then they freak out. Well I hate to tell you; but like I have said before and have learned before, (hundreds of times); FREAKING OUT DOES ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD. It does not change anything.

Every day is a New journey. Whether we want to believe it or not. There will be obstacles every day. Most are harder to overcome then others. But it is all just the same. Level-headed people have it down. Most people are NOT level-headed. Once you are aware that not every “goes right”. Then you can begin to try to enjoy life for what it is.

Unique Advice Today;  Embrace life when it happens. Some times you will never get that experience again. Some opportunities are not conveniently “planned”. Some of the most amazing parts of life just happen.

Life happens, you just have to take a breath, and move forward. Big parts of your life happened in the midst of “proper planning’. It just so happens those times could have had a huge impact on who you are. What you are made of is completely up to you. How you choose to live in spite of all the obstacles. How you choose to overcome each event in life. It is all part of what/who you are.


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