The Ability to Make A Choice

Sitting around being depressed over what could have been; Will NOT accomplish anything! We spoke last time about the concept of not being able to control some things. But guess what, We are capable of taking action. We are very capable of making the decision to overcome obstacles. Having the ability to chose Who you are and Who you want to be is huge. It means more then you think.

You woke up today with the ability to chose who are are going to be. If that by chance means you want to be different then you were the day before; THAT IS UP TO YOU! You are made up of who you want to be. It is a choice. Some one else can not tell you who to be. When you decided who you want to be, you can live everyday the way you want to. Whether your plans get intercepted or not. How you handle situations, how you let your emotions run, the way you Act is the thing that will matter the most over all.

When you loose your temper at a situation, it opens doors for thoughts of stress and anger to move onto others. When you direct anger towards a child, it imparts anger onto that child. When you project a crappy attitude towards another human, it is likely to soak into their emotions. Makes for a crap attitude day. Was that your intentions? NO? Then you must breathe and think with your brain, “How do I handle this situation?” I try to always pray about rough situations. Also I really try (nowadays) to think through my reactions. How I choose to react, how I choose to handle things will reflect who I am. Even when no one is watching. It is still our character. Unfortunately usually there is always someone watching. For me, it is my kids. My kids see how I handle things. My kids absorb my behavior. My kids understand things that even I do not see. It is my job to impart the wisdom onto my child; so they understand how to handle a situation with confidence, strength, and power. It might also be job to show people around me. How do you be a level headed person. I do not know the answer to that completely. But I do understand a way to start.

Imagine something terrifying is happening. Like a tornado is appearing off in the distance. Imagine freaking out and screaming and yelling a ton of orders to your babies and expecting them to not freak out too and get on top of all those things you are shouting. Stop, take a step and look now. You have scared babies running around in chaos and they have not a clue how to properly handle the situation.

Now imagine you breathe, tell your babies what to do in a calm and more specific manor. The fear and chaos will not be included in that situation. So it has no possible way of running that situation. Now realize that everyday situations are just the same, without the possibility of dying at the end; that is the hope anyway. Some situations are life and death. But the great news is you don’t have to give a place to fear and chaos. It is all in how you have learned to Act.

Unique Advice for Today:  When confronted with a situation that seems out of control; Step back, take a breathe, (Pray) and think about how you want to BE in this situation. Make a choice. Are you going to give a place to anger, fear or chaos?? Or are you going to OVERCOME that situation and make the CHOICE to be level-headed?

Apparently, being a level headed human starts out as a choice. A DAILY CHOICE. I am sincerely sorry about the situations you will have to overcome throughout your life. When you can choose how you react, when you can choose to not let your emotions run your actions. I can assure you things will get easier each and EVERY TIME you make the choice to OVERCOME instead of overreact.


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By Faith We Understand

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.   Hebrews 11:1  NKJV

For he has fortified your gates against all enemies and blessed your children. He sends peace across your nation and fills your barns with plenty of the finest wheat.  Psalms 147:13-14 TLB



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