Let’s Be Real

Truth be told, I would like to write about things that matter. I would love to always give great advice on every aspect of life. Some days I do not feel like I have much to give. Some days it seems there is nothing to write about. Nothing that matters over all today.

Today has been a busy day and it just keeps going. Between my babies, and all of the things that needed accomplished today, I missed my deadline. The thing is, I do not want to just leave you guys hanging. There are always a ton of words floating around in my head. The messed up part is its not easy to write them in an order that makes sense to everyone.

It is just one of those days that everything seems off. Everything has gone “caddywompus”. I regret to inform you that my advice today kind of sucks, but it also kind of fits into Me being a Human. So here it goes…

Unique Advice for Today:   It is alright for you to take a personal day. Only as long as the people who are counting on you are not forgotten. For example get a baby sitter for your personal day, instead of just locking yourself in your own room for it. The babies are still counting on you. There will almost always be someone counting on you, make sure you don’t over look them in the process. However it is fine to take a “personal day” 🙂

I sincerely apologize for the lack of elegance this post has. Also about my grammar errors and timing errors. It has just been a day so I will leave it at that. Hope you ALL have a very blessed weekend.


Remember to come back for more Unique Advice every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm (PT). 🙂


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