Organizational Life Skills Part 2

The first steps are tough, especially if you want them done in a timely manor. It took me a long time to get my first few steps done. Everything you could possibly want to change throughout your life is GOING to take persistence. It is going to take maximum will power. All of your steps, all of your accomplishments you must want them. You have to want the change or it will never happen. Continuing off of “Part One”
Step 2_ Writing Short list of things You want to Work on Changing.

  • I want to be organized better in all areas of my life.
  • I want to be a better Parent.
  • I want to change how I respond to tough situations. I want the strength to not stress out every time something come up at a moments notice.

Steps 3 & 4_   Brainstorming Ideas, documenting tasks that We can do daily, to get closer to the goal at hand. Then doing research on things other people have found helpful in those same areas. (Please note: Never take someone’s advice without caution. Different techniques work differently per person, you must find your very own version of the “same thing”) I have also found that if I find the same suggested information in at least three different places then it is a technique worth trying out.

  • I can pick up the obvious things at the end of everyday.
  • I can make a chore list of things that need done daily and things that should be done weekly.
  • I can take a deep breath every time I think of another thing that needs to be accomplished. (Which is A lot some times)
  • I can prioritize my thoughts and lists to make sure that I am not wasting time on frivolous things.
  • I can make a point to spend time with my babies daily, at least a half hour but preferably an hour.
  • I can try to read a book to my babies before bedtime at least twice a week. (Its a start)

So far actual research includes these sites/apps below. I am stoked to share ALL of these with ALL of you! I truly believe each one of them have helped me out a lot the past several months…..

  • This Women and her information are wonderful. It is practical advice though, not a bunch of mumbo jumbo crap. A Slob Comes Clean
  • This information I learned about through my Sons Head Start Program. They even ran an impromptu course of it. I really enjoyed learning more about it. The areas that are covered are great and there are a ton of information and bonding techniques that go into it. Conscious Discipline
  • These next two are just a few places that I found ways to manage my stress. I also really like this app called “HeadSpace” It was enjoyable. I feel like helped a bit. Also an App called “Atmosphere” is a really good one. It has sleep sounds and calming sounds and its nice for a “moment to myself”, which is very often needed.

Once I did a ton of research I ended up with a decent handful of information. I have learned by this point, to stay organized I must stay on top of making lists. Schedules, tasks, groceries, birthdays, lists, lists, lists. It is the number one way to stay organized. It is true for all areas of life. One of these days I may invest into a label maker too. Although I think my husband would completely hate that.

Organization does not happen over night. All of the things I have been working on changing in my life have all taken a bunch of time and effort invested into each one.

One thing at a time, or in groups of three. This way you can actually work on tasks that will increase your knowledge. Instead of making yourself crazy trying to organize everything in your life all at once.

Step 5 is the easiest one. This is where you accumulate all of the knowledge you have learned and put it into practice. Understanding each “Problem area” one by one, for what it actually is. Makes the biggest and longest lasting impact on your life. Your circumstances do not define you. Your actions will!

My results; I have started to breathe better and my chest pains are far and few in between these days. My Babies and I have a much stronger bond and it is just deepening each and every day. My house is far from “organized completely” but there are tasks getting handled daily so we are not overwhelmed during chore time. I hate to repeat this but result will vary. You will only get out what you are willing to put in.

This is our last post for April. I really Pray you got something out of this. Hopefully we will start a new section of life for May. Meanwhile On the “April” page I am planning to continue placing information on organization. At least for roughly another week.


Don’t forget to come back Wednesdays and Fridays @6pm for more Unique Advice! 🙂


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