5 More Minutes

Today my son turned 5. It is a big mark for all of us. Next year is the start of kindergarten. Everything he knows has increased dramatically. He is a big kid now.

Since I have dinner going and guests showing up for cake and presents I must make this post short as well. First off, in the head start class, it is a big deal to announce five more minutes until its time to clean up and move on to the next activity. It was instated to help the kids make a smooth transition so they “handle” it better. I have decided to do this at home. Well days I remember to. The point behind this background is, I need five more minutes to adjust to moving forward. I would like to embrace five more minutes because it is something worth holding onto.

If it were possible I would announce five more minutes before my babies turn the next age. Five more minutes before they run off all alone with their new “big kid friends”. Some days I would love just 5 more minutes of holding them . Just 5 more minutes to adjust to moving forward. Most people do not get that. Some think it is silly. Sort of, it is, but I don’t care.

I want five more minutes to hold onto before the speed of life takes control.

Today’s Unique Advice: Hold onto the little bit of time you have to prepare for the next big step. Sit down the day before each birth day. Sit for five more minutes before bed or before leaving for school/work. Embrace the “couple more minutes” before its time to move forward. For some things it does improve your handle on the next big step.

Just a few more minutes before it is over. Do not be in such a hurry to move on. Some things you will never get back.


Remember to come back for more Unique Advice every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm (PT). 🙂

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