Month: July 2018

Did You Know?

Well here we go again. Another week of me telling you something you may already know. The hope is, maybe once in awhile you will learn something you did not know. The hope is I do not ramble on about… Read More ›

What Value is Gold?

Money, Money, Money! Everything is always about the money. “If only I had the money.” “How can I get more money.” “I need to make more money.” “When we get the money we can….” The World says; “Money is what… Read More ›

Bring on the Sunshine

Alright today is day day 6 of this writing challenge. Even though I was estimating Saturday was going to be one of the hardest to write, it has not been the worst. Bring on the Sunshine. Today is HOT. Yesterday… Read More ›

Now Or Never

Alright, today has definately gotten away from me. But I am mostly prepared for that. Mainly because when I started this challenge I thought I was going to be like this everyday. It hasn’t been like this at all. I… Read More ›