Bring on the Sunshine

Alright today is day day 6 of this writing challenge. Even though I was estimating Saturday was going to be one of the hardest to write, it has not been the worst.

Bring on the Sunshine. Today is HOT. Yesterday was really hot. Apparently the next few days are going to be hot as well. I hate being hot. But we have been very blessed this summer season, it has not been so bad. Honestly this summer season has been bearable.

It is important in life to stay cool. By all meanings of the word. In all situations and circumstances “coolness” is really important. In reality I do not mean everyone has to think you are cool. Just nice to be seen as a cool person I suppose. 😉 It is much better then being described as a “Hothead”.

When talking about physical and emotion “coolness”, it is something worth putting thought into before you overheat.

Unique Advice For Today: Stay Cool.  Tips on how to do so include….

  • Buy a fan. Does not have to be a fancy fan. Just one big enough to blow cooler air into your direction, or the direction of your babies.
  • Take a deep breath. It is easy in many situations to let a situation boil up inside of you. Do not let it make you overheat.
  • Freeze water bottles; that are only half way full of liquid. When they are ready you can fill them up with water. It is good for car trips and a good way to stay hydrated and cool all at once.
  • Think before you explode. When someone says something that really gets under your skin, Breath; (See second bullet point.) Then move on like it does not effect you. It is not worth the over heating. If that does not work in your situation, then put some ice on it. That helps. (lol)
  • Buy a spray bottle of any color or style. (buy some for your kids too, they are great for outside activities for kids, cheaper then water guns and they last much longer.)  Set them to mist for a very refreshing few minutes. It helps tremendously I promise. (Unless you are like my husband who HATES getting wet. In that case…. well I don’t know you might end up just hot.)   🙂

Stay cool everyone. Have a wonderful hot season.



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Have a blessed weekend!!


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