Shaping future Generations

Being a parent is really tough. It is 100% work all of the time. It never ends and you have to actual work at it.

I want my kids to have the best possible future. Want them to become great respectable people. I want them to become the people God created them to be. It is my job and the job of their father to instill values upon them.

Being a lazy parent gets you no where. It is convenient to be lazy but it gives no structure for the children. Children are gifts and were not meant to be inconveniences. They were not meant to be used as a “scapegoat”. Yelling at them all of the time is not productive.

I have learned a lot the past few years about how to be a better parent. I am constantly trying to learn how to be a more productive parent. For their benefit and the benefit of my family.

I try my hardest to be hard on them when it is genuinely important. But I have also learned to lighten up about a few things as well. This post was not going to be about parenting exactly. But there are five general tips that I truly believe to be super helpful when it comes to “parenting strategy”. So here it goes…

Unique Advice for Today: Five tips to being a productive parent……..

  1. Love- everything you do when it comes to being a parent, you must do out of LOVE. You must be a loving parent.
  2. Patience- Cutting your kids just enough slack is important. Not everything is a detrimental event. Kids will spill things and drop things often. Be sure to teach them how to deal with the mistakes. In life mistakes WILL be made. What will matter most is how they are handled.
  3. Discipline- This is a very touchy subject to everyone on this planet. Everyone has a different opinion of how to “properly” discipline. I do believe in nice clean “swat on the tush”, I know it goes a long way. However I do not believe in beating your kid or “swatting” for ever mistake. Time outs go a long way too. Some things are just not “spanking” worthy. Just be firm in your authority. Also make sure to leave room for your own mistakes. Discipline should be thought through and handled differently for each child and each action.
  4. Knowledge- Invest into the knowledge of your child. I believe there is a tremendous power in promoting wisdom in the lives of children daily. Speak to them in a way they will genuinely understand. You know your kid better then anyone ever will. So explain things to them with the purpose of helping them learn.
  5. Time- Spend quality time with them, both together and separately. When you spend time playing with them, cuddling them, reading them stories, and doing activities with them; you would be surprised at how much that effects their attitudes, their moods and their general listening skills.

I know this a lot to take in. But parenting is not an exact science. It is something worth handling with care. You are the only consistent structure they will ever know. You are responsible for how they turn out. How they handle life. It is your job to shape them for their future.

You and God are all your babies will ever have. Give them your all, all of your effort, ALL of your love. You can do this!

Be the Best Parent you can possibly be.

Together we will shape and structure future generations.


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Have a blessed week!!



2 thoughts on “Shaping future Generations

  1. I am just starting to form my own parenting styles as well.. so far.. so good.. though there are really a lot of downs. yet I believe all is well. Besides, it’s all about thinking positively.

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    1. Yes, because there is not just one way of doing something. Doing the best we can, with the knowledge we have. Knowing how each one of our children learn and understand things. That is the most important part of being a good parent. Keep it up. You are doing great! 🙂

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