There is a Reason. My Challenge Day 2

Well Day two shouldn’t be too hard. Going to save m,y weekly planned “idea” for my original post time this week. Wednesday at six in the afternoon. So that requires me to write an extra I suppose. Haven’t decided if my challenge deserves two posts on my real posting days. Sometimes those are already pre-planned. But my only stipulations were to have a two paragraph post daily for seven days posted by 6pm.So I assume it is fine to just stick with one a day. I should eventually challenge myself to two posts every Wednesday and Friday but that is definitely not for right now. Not sure if I am just jabbering now or if I actually have a point. So I guess I might continue in the morning with a fresh start. Need to pace myself, it is only day on still of this seven day challenge so I must try to accomplish this properly…..

Day 2 is finally here…..

It takes a lot of work to get to a “life accomplishment”.

Today is Day two of the challenge I have set out to overcome. This day has been much harder then I honestly though it would be. So where to go from here right?

I have always wanted to write something important. Something actually worth reading. Actual Life advice is hard to come by but it is also huge. Some people can not go through life and make certain decisions without getting an outside opinion or referencing some sort of advice on the subject at hand.

I have not yet figured out what I must write about ALL week for this challenge; let alone for the rest of my life. There are dozens of scribbles inside dozens of folders. Dozens of ideas all over in my personal arsenal of collected writings. Mostly I like to go with some things by the day. I usually go with what is going on in my life at that time, and use it to spread advice on that subject. I sort of jump into a concept and go with it. I would like to keep out the mumbo jumbo and jibby jabber “blah blah” stuff.

You should be reading this, and ALL of my writing for a reason.

Unique Advice For Today: Have a purpose behind your currently pursued accomplishments. Give reason to your work.

Well so today does have a purpose, it is to ease into the rest of this week. I have predicted that Tuesday (Today) and Saturday this week will be the most rough days of this challenge. But that is why it is called a challenge.

I have avoided saying it this whole post but; No risk No reward. “HUH?”

Anyway tomorrow will have a much better purpose behind its post; so don’t forget to come back all week at six in the evening for more Unique Advice.


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Have a blessed week!!



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