Unknown But Possible Challenge Day 1

Unknown But Possible Challenge Day 1

Today I have decided to try something different and COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. Several years ago I had a plan to write at least once a day. It was suppose to be a bit in a journal about current life, then also a bit on my book. Then shortly added a blog to that list of things I wanted to start consistently writing. Now, since then I have been terrible about it, and even worse since I permanently started blogging. I haven’t wrote much outside of that. Outside the two posts a week I have only written when I have had time. (Which hasn’t been often)

I need to make time to write a lot more often before my “writing” can actually become a career. Right now I am what you call a “Lazy Writer”. I only write on post days; unless I am seriously inspired AND have time (rarely).

So I am going to test myself by starting a Seven Day Challenge. Now I have also decided that this is very ambitious and totally crazy. Also virtuously impossible.

The thing of it is….

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

So here it goes, My seven day Challenge is; Writing in a journal (for at least 10 minutes), AND writing a short Blog Post (At least two Paragraphs long & posted by 6pm), Daily for Seven Days.

Probably going to preset one the night before to make sure I hit the time requirement unless that presents an outside issue; To try to stay one step ahead each day. I am not sure how that will work or even if I will be fine with it because some things need to be said on the day of. Also I have not decided yet if my journal and my blog post can be considered the same thing because I have to go through and edit a lot for this to even become “Post worthy”. Yet Also today is Monday, so would have to write two posts tonight to stay ahead, with a preset tomorrows post. Yet I am not sure I am capable of that yet. I do have faith. Overthinking what could possibly interfere with this challenge is trying to overwhelm me. Writing a post in advance is a decent strategy but to post everyday the day before could interfere with the challenge that has been set before me. This tests me and my decision making skills.

Unique Advice For Today: Challenge Yourself; You may be shocked at what you are capable of.

It will be tough but I will not let it overwhelm me. This challenge was not created to stress me out. It was created to push me and to make me a better writer. I can do this.

So Here is to Day One!



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Have a blessed week!!


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