Being A “Real” Writer

Well I have officially decided that I totally suck at this. I have plans and planned out posts that just need a little work to be completed. But it seems its always something. Always something that comes up. Always things in the way. I want to make writing a living but how am I suppose to do that if I keep letting everything get in the way of it.

As it stand right now this is not the post I had planned today. The worst part of that being said is the last 4 or 5 posts have been non planned out posts prior to the day of posting. I really do not know if you are following me clearly; but it is hard to think straight today. I have been overthinking everything again. Today is another busy day.

So how do I make it stop?

How do I make it work?

How do I be a writer AND a full time mother too?

Do you have any ideas?

Any suggestions?

I want to make this work. I want to be a writer, I want to finish my book and be published. I want to not panic at the first sign of my deadline reaching its end. Right now my only official deadlines are Wednesdays and Fridays at 6pm. But that’s just it, how is it that I prepare so much for posting time and still have nothing “post worthy” by that point?

Its pathetic and I think I am really disappointed in myself for not making more time to sit down and write. I have a lot going on all of the time. A lot of family these days and a ton of responsibilities. I like to make people happy and I like to be dependable. But how do I still be that person, AND be a writer at the same time?

I just find it hard to make things work no matter what. I get upset when I get disappointed and right now its too late to worry about the disappointments and too late to worry about the distractions. I just have to move passed it all. So here it is.

Unique Advice for today: To turn something from hobby to career you have to make time to put into it.. Make habits out of the hobbies and it might just work. But you must customize it to your life or it does not work!


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Have a blessed weekend!!


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