Another Holiday, Another Party

Happy Independence Day Everyone!!

Cheers to our Freedom!

Awhile back my family and I decided to have a party every holiday. Since I have two kids and my sister has four, we have figured out, all of the kids really get pumped for parties. Each party is different in its own way and each one come with their own set of issues.

Stress is a reality, constantly. But to realize it, then at the same time, “handle it”. The stress of the holiday/holiday parties will not over take you.

You can plan, and plan, and list and schedule, and there will still ALWAYS be something that throws its self into the fan.

Unique Advice For Today: Taking a moment to pray, breathe and debrief yourself is most utterly important. You just need a minute, no matter how busy things become. No matter what is going on; Just STOP and then move forward.

If you never take that moment, the stress of any event or situation will start to run the show. That is exactly what you do not want. Its not about your stress, its not about the company, its about living the event to the fullest extend of Joy as humanly possible.

I want to have fun. I want to enjoy the activities and games, and snacks. I want to enjoy the fireworks. Six kids or not, I choose to live in Joy today.

I encourage all of you to do the same.

No matter what today brings, remember to have Peace and Joy throughout it all.

Have a good independence day All of you!! I pray you the best it could possibly be.


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Have a blessed week!!



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