Help Me Help You

There are so many areas of my life that need work. I suck at staying organized. I suck at keeping schedules. I am also terrible at making everyone happy and keeping it that way.

Most of these posts help me more than they will help any of you. The truth is I am learning and growing every day. The things I learn are important for me. I want to share with all of you the things I know actually help me with my life.

I do not mean to offend people. I do not plan to vent or rant a lot. I do not think I know what is best by no means.

You know some days I feel dumb for keeping this up. I feel like no one really cares or generally wants to know what I think. I am sure to a point I am right about that. 🙂 Mainly because I have always had a hard time taking advice from anyone. So I do not expect any of you to trust me all of the time. I am sure some of you do think I am lame.

But I am not here for you to all like me. Or even love what I have to say. I want you to know that I genuinely want to help people. I genuinely want your life to be better. I know you are capable of great things. I know you can do anything you want to be.

Unique Advice for Today: Give me a chance to prove I can help you. If I can not help you in ANY way you could possibly ever feel, then stop reading my blog because I prefer to make you happy, AND HELP YOU and not waste your time.

Please give me a chance to provide you with an opinion worth hearing. I do plan to talk about things that are more interesting. One day I may even say something you will find totally awesome. Ask me questions. Let me know things. Feel free to tell me that you do not appreciate me. Because I am prepared to hear that. I just would love to know why. Yes I mean on every blog you read. What did you think. Why do you disagree. Why do you not “LIKE” it. Why do you think it could help you. Or do you think it can help someone other than yourself.

I appreciate ALL of you. Whether you say something or not. I love you all. God loves you all. And you are wonderful and capable of many amazing things.

Please Have a wonderful blessed weekend!! I am very much looking forward to mine. My husband finally got all three days of this weekend off soo “WOOT WOOT!!”.


Be sure to check out some of our other posts and pages! New Gallery page & Ask Me page have been updated 🙂

Have a blessed week!!


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