Father or Not

To all the Fathers out there, Happy Fathers day..

Most fathers are taken for granted. In my house we didn’t have a dad who was around a lot. So our mother was both of our parents. She did an amazing job. These days having a dad, “real” or not is a blessing in its own.

My friend’s dads were great. My husband’s dads are really awesome. But I have only personally ever had two wonderful fathers in my entire life time.

My Father in Heaven, our creator, has ALWAYS been there for us. No matter the circumstances. I love him and I love that he loves ALL of his children. Without Him, I can’t even imagine.

My Husband is the most incredibly amazing Father in the whole world. Not to sound dramatic but I truly feel that way. The kids are soo blessed to have him, and they know it too. He is one of the best things that have ever happened to us. Without him, I can’t even imagine.

Today’s Unique Advice: First, whether or not you have a Father, remember that you will always have a father in heaven who would love to hear from you. Second, whether you have a Father, real or not, remember they are a blessing to your life. (And the lives of your children) Third, if you are a father, remember you have a job that nobody else can fill in for. Do it to the best of your abilities and never stop.

Have a blessed Father’s Day!! All of you Fathers, (above, real, step, grand, to-be, Momdads, Dadmoms, both, or used to be’s). You are a blessing and you are loved.



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