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  • Snow is Bringing Memories Near

    Snow is near, Snow is here? This time of year is hard to not feel, Bring joy and peace throughout our land. This day is the last day of November. It is officially the Holiday Season. No matter who you… Read More ›

  • Encouragement, Verses

    Love you all. Hope and pray you all overcome whatever you are going through right now. You are blessed. You are loved.

  • Prayer Request Wednesday (Along With other Information)

    Well so I suppose everything is getting better. Not sure how to feel yet again; There are many problems. There are also many solutions. Not completely sure what the deal is right now. I just know there are a lot of attacks on my family from a lot of different directions. I also know that my God is bigger then anything that is being thrown at us right now. I am also very aware that nothing is a surprise to God. I know that sitting down and spilling my heart out to God is helpful. Crying alone in a room, praying my heart out.

  • Mama Needs A “Do-Over” (Devotional)

    I love a lot of the contents this devotion contains. I feel like each one are very encouraging and helpful. Especially for mother’s but I am sure for others as well. I hope and pray you are all still having… Read More ›

  • That Time, Again !

    It is that time of year. Again, yes. Time to start decorating for Christmas. I love to decorate. I love to clean. I also love everything to smell like Christmas the whole month before Christmas. I know a lot of you are the same. I also know of people who do not decorate until the week before Christmas, If that.

  • This Week

    This is my Favorite week of the year. I love thanksgiving. I love the start of the winter season, I love starting to decorate for Christmas. I love being thankful all week for the things in my life that are complete blessings. Every single one of them. This is the week I look forward to all year.

  • Work Ethic , (Devotional)

    Hey people, This devotional is one I started awhile back in the YouVersion Bible app. I have really enjoyed it’s content and I thought I would share tonight’s reading because it seems to be something people need to hear these… Read More ›

  • Make A Difference, Be Thankful

    It is easy to get caught up in how to make your own life easier. The truth is, it is not about making your life easier. It is about each one of us “pulling our weight”, “doing our part” and “pursuing our own purpose”. That is what changes the world. That is what actually makes life easier for everyone.

  • Interesting Advice- (Promises Of God)

    Well this will be interesting. Started work today and found out a few fascinating things. Today is my official 100th day of sitting at my work desk, ACTUALLY doing work. So I take that as an achievement in itself. Also when I sat down to do my work for today, I found out that the WordPress Editor has had an update.

  • Keep Going

    Just keep going. I know some things are hard to get through. Just keep praying, keep moving forward, and keep your head up. Keep enjoying your week. Praying you all have a blessed few days. Check our some of our… Read More ›


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