Be Free

Basically my Unique advice to you all today is simple.

Either tonight or tomorrow, some time this weekend, get OUT and do SOMETHING.

Do something peaceful, or fun. Do something that brings joy to your heart.

Sitting inside all if the time is not living free.

Doing things constantly that you HAVE to, is not living free.

Its great to read. Its great to relax. But it is healthy for you all to get out and do something you normally wouldn’t do “out of schedule”.

Planning is great. Schedules are great. Yet doing the same things all the time over and over, will cause even the most level headed people to go insane.

Today get out and enjoy life.

Live like you are free.

We were blessed with freedom and peace. God has given us both. So let’s go out and enjoy it huh?

Have a fantastic weekend. Love you all very much. Never forget your freedom. ❤

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