Searching for Invisible Blessings

We have looked everywhere.

Under the couch,

Under the bed,

We have checked the bathroom;

And even under the sink.

Where are they?

Where are our blessings?

Not on the stove;

Not in the closet.

Where do we go to find them?

Where could they be?

We can not seem to find them anywhere?

“Hey God, Where are our blessings?”

“God, We can not see them anywhere?”

“Hey God, Do you really love us?”


We see now;

They are there,

We see them there!

Right there!

We see them sitting quietly on the couch;

The perfect little people you have given us for years.

But wait;

There are more!

We CAN see more;

We see one in the driveway;

A way to travel near & far.

We see more in the pantry;

A way to survive.

And there?

There too!

We see each other;

What an extraordinary family we have.

Wait, MORE?!?!?


That’s right!

Up there;

We see that too,

The roof that was build years ago,

The one still standing up above;

Providing coverage from the elements.


There too?!?

By the door?

Those shoes!;

That coat!

The seemingly stable most gracious income.


There too!

Wow Lord,

There is nothing you can’t do!

So blessed,

So free,

All around in the count of three,

Never failing,

Always loving;

Those things we have forgotten;

The ones we never even dreamed of.

All given in Love,

No matter who we are.

No matter where we came from.

Those invisible blessings all around us;

The ones that have made us who we are,

The ones that have provided oh so far.

We have not be more thankful;

Then we are today;

This evening,

This hour,

You are still who you say,

No less;

Yet not too much,

Always on time.

Keeping up for little Ol’ Us!

Thank You so much for this wonderful life we have been blessed with.

Love you all. Hope your weekend goes great! Its spring break! Keep enjoying this beautiful blessing of weather! See ya all next week!! 🙂

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