Beginning To Understand

If we were to try to understand every aspect of life we would probably go crazy. I want to be able to understand a lot more. I feel its like a key point I should be working on. The ability to understand those around us. There are a million things I could list that I don’t understand. My family rates at the top of the list, followed by people in general, then some work things, then some life questions.

In the past I have stated that we were called to seek Wisdom and with it gain understanding. Why is it, the things close to us never make any sense until its too late? I want to understand why the things around me are the way that they are. I want to know why my family makes the decisions they make, why my kids act the way they do, and how my husband feels about certain things. Realistically I won’t be able to understand everything in life. But I can try. I can study, research and write my little heart out. I can pray daily for knowledge and understanding. I can pray for strength and a bigger heart. I can pray for the words to say. I can spend more time listening, instead of “blabbing”. I can actively be identifying the things in my life for what they truly are and not for just what they seem to be. I want to know more, I want to see more. I want to BE more. The people I know, love and interact with daily, NEED me to be that person. A strong Understanding individual. Unique, undivided, patient, and completely real.

Can I possibly do that?? Its assumable but only if I put my heart into it.

I believe everyone should “try” a little harder to understand the things going around ALL around us. Pour knowledge and prayer into every situation. Seek the answers.

I read a book years ago that changed my life. Instead of a new years resolution; They introduced a concept of choosing one thing, one word, one something, to change or seek for that year.For me that was rough. At the time I had A LOT that I could have been working on. I had anger issues, stress issues, anxiety issues, family issues. So many things that really needed working on in my life. Instead of dwelling on all of the options, I prayed. (If you are interested I have linked below what and where the book is) The suggestion was, to ask God what he wants you to be working on in your life. I received answers, I believe you will too. I chose…..

  • 2016- Overcome- I choose to “OVERCOME”— This meant I was going to work on “overcoming” all of the situations that presented themselves that year.
  • 2017- Wisdom This meant I was going to seek with Wisdom. About everything. I did research on so many things and learned so much.
  • 2018- Understand- I have said before I want to understand everything around me. I want to be able to retain things better and know the “right” things to say at every point in my life.

There are still a lot of things I am working through on a personal level. But I really feel its beneficial to have a core focus. I encourage you to find something in your life to work on for this year. Even though its not a “new year”; Its always a NEW DAY.

I want to understand. Comment and let me know something you want to work on, or even just something you want to understand. There is power in numbers.


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The book that inspired my Word, and my Work. ——–


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