Things I Do Not Understand

I Do not Understand……

Why time seems to Fly.

Why life seems to be so Hard.

Why Some People Are Rude.

How to make a Quick Good Decision.

Why is it so hard to Make Money.

Why it is so hard to Properly Communicate.

How things really Should Be.

How Things Should Be.

How much effort it takes to Care.

I Do not Understand…..

How hard it is to be at Peace.

How the World Really Works.

Why it is so hard to find a Friend.

Why real family does not act like Family Anymore.

Why people can not get Genuine help when they need it.

How to be Successful.

How to be Bold.

How to stop being Just A Person.

How To Overcome ALL of the Obstacles.

Unique Advice For Today: Try to Understand

“Father God, Please help us to Understand, please bless us with the wisdom and knowledge we need to do so.” Amen

For the next couple of weeks I would like to shed more light on this topic. I feel some people miss the point. Or miss something important, simply by not understanding. August Will be our month of Understanding. Lets bring it into awareness.

This post is a part two of many. The first post, called Beginning to Understand, You can read here. The Second part was “Continuing to Understand”.



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