Understanding Life

Growing up, things were completely different then they are now. Some things about life as we know it, have been hard to “deal” with. Other things have changed for the better.
I did not realize when we were kids how great our lives were at the time. I did not realize how hard things were for my mom. I did not realize how evil time must have felt. These days I hate time. My first baby is in his second week of kindergarten and I HATE it. It is the start of a completely new schedule, it is a start of a whole new system, a new teacher, and some different friends. For the last week and a half everyday that I drop him off I feel sad. I feel like time is slipping away, I feel as if every moment is slipping away slowly but faster and faster as we keep doing this.
My husband let me know that even of I was to make him go back to preschool, my baby would still grow. He will still get bigger whether I like it or want it or not. It is inevitable. Can you believe him?!?!
Well I know it is true. In every sense of life it just “happens” to keep moving forward.
So what’s the deal? What do we do? How do I make time stop or at least slow down ??
Well, the bad news is, we can’t. We can not make time stop. We can not slow it down. There are thousands of ways we could try, but there are none that can physically tackle that task.
I hate this. I hate that time slips by and I am suppose to hold on to each moment and move forward every time.
I can not imaine ow our parents must have felt our whole childhood. Knowing that one day, their babies would be parents too. Its a slippery slope that parenting job.
I guess for now the thing about it, is to make sure you do not take any moment for granted. Make every little minute count.Enjoy their smiles, enjoy their laughs, lern to live through and love through the tantrums because they are only for a moment. One moment in time, that will be over before time itself registers it. All that time of dinosaurs on this Earth and all those little moments forgotten. Yet all the remains still impact the lives around us.
I hope that some of that makes sense to you all. In some way. I just hate to think that one day we will sit back and wish we understood life better; just to learn the understanding of life was in all those little moments that fluttered by day by day.

Unique Advice For Life: Enjoy every minute, cherish every moment. No matter what each second brings, embrace them being a part of your life. Embrace each one and understand as many as you possibly can. Understanding your life as you know it, starts now. It starts in each moment, In each memory. Your understanding IS now. Learn it, feel it, live it.

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Have a wonderful evening all of you. 🙂



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