Understand Moving Forward – Step 4

Well I do not really know how today is going to turn out. But I must give it a shot. I have been working on my dads birthday cake all day and it is such a pain. I’m not “worried” about it by any means but it could turn out much different then I imagined. It is going to be a 57′ Chevy Bel Air, but at the moment it just looks sort of like a brown car shaped blob. Even though I know it will turn out, I still have a few obstacles to overcome before it does.

Such as, how I am going to put tires on. Tires that don’t look bad. For now I am just trying to understand what it needs to look like, before I can move forward.

To understand the process of anything you start at the beginning. You have to identify what you want to understand FIRST. For some things this is a long process. For others it is a very short one.

For example, a couple of weeks ago is when it was decided to make this cake. I had to do a bunch of research to understand what I was “signing up” for. I began to understand the car and some of its most iconic features. Then I looked into all my notes and did some research on making a car out of cake. So in a sense I went through the understanding with the whole situation.

  1. Identify the situation & Figure out if it is worth the time in understanding– In this case, making a car cake look like a 57′ Chevy. Yes, something worth understanding, for my father.
  2. Lay out the item/situation “bit-by-bit”, then look for inconsistencies, or things that do not look right/add up.– Pictures, details, logo, size, shape, details… Tires…
  3. Identify the problem area. Then accept it and move forward– Problematic area of this situation, The tires. I have no way to make the tires look good and not let it ruin the whole cake. Instead of quitting, I must accept it and find a way to overcome this obstacle.
  4. List ways and Ideas on How to move forward.– Well, flat tires so far is my most favorite solution. Creating a base for the cake to sit on would have been a nice solution but would have needed that at the beginning. Creating a way for it to look as if the tires are sinking in mud is a decent solution too.

Unique Advice For Today: List ways and Ideas on How to move forward. Some things will only need a small list of solutions. Some problems/situations will need a lot more then that. Lists after lists or a whole bunch of math, or both. Which ever it is. It is worth putting the time into it. Some solutions are as simple as not letting the whole situation get out of control. 

These situations that I have been running into in life, have been maintained well within the process of understanding each one. I do not have to, let a situation get out of control, happen again, or even happen to begin with, because of this process. It is not fool proof. But I do believe it works in almost all situations in life. Every obstacle that comes our way in life, we should have the confidence in God to not panic, and to pray for guidance. I would not have found 95% of my solutions in my life if it was not for God, Prayer, AND my ability to ask him for guidance.

I pray you all have a fantastic weekend.


“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;”      Philippians 4:6 NKJV


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