Understanding The Process – Step Three

Well I guess this just isn’t my week. I’m having a really hard time understanding everything this week. I guess it is true what they say, “practice what you preach” . They also say that when you teach about something, you end up getting tested on it yourself .

When you learn how to teach in school, you get tested on it before you can be certified to teach about it, right?

This has proved to be true even in real life. This week is living proof of practice what you preach.

I do not understand anything that is going on in the life/lives around us.

I have been trying to figure out how to explain step three of the understanding process. It is hard to figure out a way to do that so. Especially when one is still learning themselves.

I should begin with telling you step three.Once you are done identifying any inconsistencies, then you have a chance to decide on possible outcomes. A week ago, when I posted step two. My outcome was deciding maybe letting ourselves stray from the plan too many times was the problem. This meant I needed to understand what we did wrong so we could learn from it. I had to except the problem area as something I could not change. But also as something I can change the next time.

Unique Advice For Today:  Identify the problem area. Then accept it to move forward.


I did not want to accept the fact that we messed up. But now we can start listing ways we can change things next time so we do not end up in a bind. Accept the things we can not change, takes on a whole meaning for us here. We needed to understand that if we do not take action for our previous mistakes we can not grow. We can not gain any wisdom if we choose to not accept certain things.  


Steps 1-3 The Process Of Understanding

  1. Identify the situation & Figure out if it is worth the time in understanding
  2. Lay out the item/situation “bit-by-bit”, then look for inconsistencies, or things that do not look right/add up.
  3. Identify the problem area. Then accept it and move forward.


Some times it is not the advice you want to hear. But it also does not matter exactly what you want to hear. That does not make way for growth. Think about it. Ponder the ways understanding you thing will help you grow. Make a list if you need.

I am sorry if you do not understand this process or something going on in your life. Make sure to go back and read the previous posts on this process of understanding. We will have more during this month of August to help everyone start to understand things that do not seem possible to do.

Have a great rest of your week everyone. I pray things get better soon for all of you.




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