Understanding Never Ends

This will mark the final post of August. Even though our “Project Understanding” has come to an end. The process of it will forever be with us. We should never give up trying to understand the different aspects of our lives.
Some days it will be easy to want to give up. Some things we will not truly get to understand. The point behind all of this; Is to be able to find a point worth understanding to make a difference in your life and in the lives around you.

I am aware this all may seem silly to most of you. If you truly want to know things, If you truly want to learn about things; Then studying the people, places and events all around you is definitely a place to start. Choose to be aware of life.
Most of our lives problems, choices, and details are dictated within nothing more then our choice to understand each situation. Within our ability to accept the things we can not change, to have the wisdom to change the things we can, and having the knowledge to understand the difference. I realize that is a saying already; but it is truly an important one to comprehend. At least “In my own opinion”.
I hope you are capable of understanding this segment. I pray that you start to slowly understand the things around you. I also hope you enjoy the next few posts where I do not repeat the word Understanding over and over again. đŸ™‚ Apologies for the tediousness.

Unique Advice for Today: Be aware of the lives, problems, and events all around you. Keep an open mind, a guarded soul and understanding heart. We are meant for so much more. So do not loose it.

Always Remember, Do Not Forget The Process…

  1. Identify the situation & Figure out if it is worth the time in understanding–
  2. Lay out the item/situation “bit-by-bit”, then look for inconsistencies, or things that do not look right/add up.–
  3. Identify the problem area. Then accept it and move forward–
  4. List ways and Ideas on How to move forward.–
  5. Find an Understanding, and move on.– Life does not stand still. So when you do find an answer, or even if you are stuck trying to figure one out. Just move on. It is time to set things behind you. Not to forget, but to choose to move forward.

I pray you all have a very blessed weekend!




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