Sorry, Not Sorry

Sorry some of my feelings are the way that they are.

Not sorry I believe in sharing truth and only truth.

Sorry I have so many feelings but have found an outlet instead of holding onto them.

Not sorry I found a freedom that can come from no where but God.

Sorry I keep things to myself so I do not bother people.

Not sorry I try to keep the drama in my life nonexistent.

Sorry you look at me the way that you do.

Not sorry I am the way that I am.

Sorry my life goal is not to keep you all happy.

Not sorry that it is impossible to please people the way they all think necessary.

Sorry I do not do things the way people think I should.

Not sorry I can live in the freedom of doing what God has called me to do.

Sorry if it seems like I do not care.

Not sorry for loving you all in a way none of you can even fathom.

Sorry I write what is on my heart in the moment.

Not sorry for trying to be a good writer no matter what the subject.

Sorry for not understanding everything put in front of me.

Not sorry for trying my best in the life I was given.

Sorry for writing poetry when I feel like I can not get an actual article written.

Not sorry for trying to take my job seriously no matter how I feel.

Sorry that I can only take life one step at a time.

Not sorry for living with a way of handling each one moment at a time.

Sorry for not being perfect.

Not sorry for being a child of God.

Sorry you do not realize how much God loves you.

Not sorry for knowing in my heart that He loves ALL of us more than I could ever imagine.

Love you all! Have an awesome blessed weekend!

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