Growing Moment

Oh boy, well it has been over a week since I last wrote an article. Usually I try so hard to not get behind. If I do I usually have something ready. Well this last week I have not been prepared at all. Definitely the busy time of our year. But my goodness, so much going on and not really a whole lot of time to think. Well I know you all hate when I play catch up; Or try to “excuse” myself. Truly I believe there are no real excuses. When something is your job and you slack at it, the only person you are hurting is yourself. Unless you are a care giver or medical provider. That is suppose to be a joke. Since I still am a tad bit crunched for time I am just going to cover a few thoughts I had this past week. There are a good handful of upcoming articles that will be really really good. So stay tuned and stick with me.

For now, this is what I have. My boy is 6 years old as of yesterday. That is a really big deal for both of us. We have been waiting a long time for that. I am not sure why but we have. I have tried to not be so sad about it. Truthfully I am very sad about it. Mainly because he walks and talks like a big kid now. To make matters worse he is almost literally taller then me now too. I know it is just going to get worse with his height and intelligence. After all he takes after “Mr. smarty pants daddy”. The nice things about all of this, he is now big enough to understand a lot more. He is so helpful with his sister. He does great at his chores and is getting better at his homework.

These are all very good things. It is also a huge blessing hearing from others of what a great little man we are raising. He is smart and just so sweet. We love him so much. We have always tried our hardest to keep his eyes forward and his headed pointed up. The most important values we find in life, he does too. He loves Jesus, He knows Jesus loves him too. He knows he can do all things through Christ who is his strength. He knows he has his armor as long as he puts it on every morning. So much more then that but I can’t even keep up with how much he truly knows now. He is our blessing. They both are and I know even on the hard days that they have so much in store in their lifetimes.

When it is your turn to be a parent, remember it is a full time job. Whether you have a real job or not. We are responsible for how they grow up. We are responsible for their values, their knowledge, their understanding. As parents it is our job to keep up with all those little things that seem silly. Time spent with them goes a long way. Even just setting aside five or ten minutes each morning or evening to touch up on things going on in their life makes a huge statement to each and every one of them. Our children are heirs. They will grow into the awesome respectful adults that we raise them to be. We do not have to be so hard on them, but we also can not be too easy. We have to find that middle ground that is so easily forgotten. It is tough being a parent. It is constant work, and it will cause grey hair. But there is almost , I say almost, no better feeling in the world then seeing your child being an awesome respectful little human, WITHOUT BEING ASKED! It is the best.

By the way, parenting is one of those jobs that does effect others when you miss days, or try to make excuses for missing out on. You will not get these days back, you will not be able to play catch up well either. Always remember that.

So I do not know about you. But I highly value being a parent. It is the most important “job” you will ever have in life on earth. I like to think we are doing well at it. No we are not perfect. Yes we make mistakes. But I know we are doing well and our children are growing up well. They do not have everything they want but they are alive, fed, and very blessed.

Love you all. Keep enjoying life. All of those little moments are the ones to live through and love. Each one counts and each new one is a blessing. Watch for the ones to let go of, and learn the ones to hold onto. Be blessed always. Do not forget to come back next week for some great new articles.

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6 NKJV

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