5 Must Do Traditions this Christmas Season

Traditions have never really been our strong point. Every year around this time my husband and I really try to do a few awesome little “traditions” with our kids and some of our extended family. When we had our first baby, we decided that every year we were going to work on our own traditions. Well at first it was hard. Mixing some of his and some of mine from our childhood. But also making them our own. We are going onto year 6 now of having our very own spin on traditions and we are not doing too bad. Mostly they have not strayed too much but we have learned to make them our own. My top five favorites of our traditions are…

  1. Tree Decorating: Every year, since my husband was little, there was a new ornament bought for him each year. Then when it was to decorate, it was his job to put his ornaments on. Well we have continued this with the babies. Decorating the tree as a family has made this experience the best we have ever had.
  2. Tree Picking: Every year, we go out with my husband’s family, out to our beautiful woods we are so blessed to live close to. And pick out a very special “little” tree that is just perfect for our home. It has been great experience every year. And we had made such awesome memories each time.
  3. Making and baking: We love to make cookies and candies as a family.  Especially gingerbread houses. Those are our favorites. It is such a special time .
  4. Advent Calendars: One of the kids favorite traditions is being able to count down to Christmas with a special candy each evening before bed.
  5. Movie Night(s): I say nights, plural, because it is so awesome to sit down and watch movies, some Christmas, some not(especially for my husband) Especially with kids, even if you do not have any kids. There is just something sweet about time spent “escaping from reality” 
  6. Story Time: I know I only said 5, but on any night story time is very special when there is time. But on Christmas eve, time spent as a family reading the “Christmas Story” is so nice. It also helps teach the kids the true meaning of the season. If you do not have kids, read the story and different versions for that matter just to keep educated about it.

Unique Advice For Today: Start a couple seasonal traditions. It will bring a certain peace within your family this season. Who knows it may just be the thing your kids remember the most about the holidays. That is worth more then anything you could buy them. 

The time spent together is so special. Have a great week!! Enjoy your family time. 😊

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