Tips To Handling Frustration


There is nothing I like more then getting to spend time with my kids. I love it. Any time we get to do anything together; eat dinner, make bread or cookies, do crafts or activities. It is mostly full of fun. Although each and every time is not perfect, nor the same.
Of course there are those few and sometimes often times that it is decided they do not want to cooperate or participate. Also of course, the times where one of us, gets Frustrated. I say “one of us” because we are all susceptible to it.
Frustration has got to be the leading cause of heart attacks and mental break downs. That is not a fact, just an assumption. Any way you look at it, frustration is common. It is also one of those “feelings” that will try to control you if you let it.
Self Control is one of those subjects I have wrote about in the past. It is also one of those subjects that I personally had a hard time overcoming. For a long time, frustration, anger and worry, ran my attitude. They also played into how I have treated my babies and my nieces/nephews.
Truth is, frustration is something that will always come up. It is inevitable to get frustrated. Sometimes even unavoidable. No matter how hard to try to run from it, it will find you. The trick is, when frustration does come knocking on your door; It is important to learn how to answer that door. You should not answer screaming at it. Yet you should also, not invite it into your home. As nice as it would be to slam the door in its face, some times that is not an easy task. A lot of emotions, that being one of them, will invite itself in and make itself at home.

So what do you do when frustration decided to move in??

Well there are several ways to handle this type of situation. We were ALL born with self-control, is important to work on it. To put time and effort into taking control over your emotions. We were ALL also born with emotions. Yet some how, people for many ages have been able to “Control” them and not let them run the show.

Unique Advice For Today: Practice self control with every emotion that comes your way. Even the littlest ones. The minute you find yourself becoming emotional in any way, take a minute to asses the situation. Then take control of it. This will not only build up your self control, but it will also help in EVERY single situation you will face in your life. (I have also found praying, for the strength to overcome my emotions and asking for supernatural help with doing so, has helped unbelievably well. The Holy Spirit is always with us.)

Tips To Handling Frustration;

  2. Count……..1……..2…….3……..4…….5…….6…….7…….8……9……10
  3. Pinpoint the source of the emotion.
  4. Take control of the situation.
  5. If it is your kids, a time out for them AND yourself is important.
  6. Remember it is just a moment, not a huge historical moment either. Just a simple little moment.
  7. Demand frustration (The emotion at hand) to move out of your house immediately.
  8. If it has taken too much control over the situation, put everything away for another time. Moving on, or pausing from the task for awhile, will help immensely.
  9. The important part of controlling your emotions, is remembering to do so in every situation.
  10. Pray.

The fact of the matter is, we have control over how we handle the emotion at hand. We have the power within us to overcome our frustrations even when it doesn’t seem like it. How we react to something, how we overcome something, is our decision to make.
If you do have trouble with letting your emotions run wild, I do wisely advise you take a moment to pray about it. We can not overcome EVERYTHING by ourselves, especially if it is a struggle we have had over any length of time. It is important to remember we are not alone. It is also important to remember we CAN do ALL things…..Through Christ Whom gives us the strength. (Philippians 4:13)

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