Story Time (Never Live In Fear)


As she starred out the window, She watched each drop trickle down one by one against the glass. With the sound of the wind blowing and the leaves rustling she couldn’t help but be mesmerized by it all. She caught herself zoning into the beauty; with not a care in her mind.

She has had many worries, many responsibilities, and many chores to work on. But for that few moments there was peace.

Peace from the crazy around her. Peace from the babies. Peace from the worries and responsibilities. The beautiful rain helped make everything that minute disappear.

The more those feelings disappeared, the darker things around her got.

As she looked around now, there was total darkness. Not a single shape in sight. As she took a breath, she started to feel all of that overwhelming anxiety once again. Every emotion she has had the passed few days all hit her at once. The train of feelings that started dragging her down, was now completely overwhelming.

She stumble back, and started falling, and falling. There was no end. For a constant few moments she was just falling into that emotional pit she crawled out of years ago.

All of the bad thoughts were back. All of those painful words she heard from everyone were back one by one. Running through her mind, a never ending race.

She started to suffocate. She started to panic. She was scared. She hated this place.

Then all at once she remembered!

Where she had came from was NOT where she was going. She remembered what had saved her from all of those unending emotions, feelings, and fear from the beginning.

As she continued to fall, She remembered.

She Shouted as loud as she possibly could, “IN JESUS NAME!!!”

In that moment, everything stopped. She stopped falling, she was lifted to her feet. She started to look around, in every direction her eyes pointed shined light. She started to quickly glance around in every direction to make sure there was no more darkness anywhere.

All of the emotions and fear was gone. Her peace had returned. The sun was shining. In the distance was a giant rainbow. The biggest one she had ever seen.

And She remembered,

She was saved!

 “Never again will I live in fear, My God is with me, now, always and forever. Amen”


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