How To Categorize Your Paperwork


Alright, On to today. There are a bunch of changes going on in my life and in the lives around me; good changes, big changes. Since I started the organization chapter in my life, since I have began praying more, breathing more, and worrying less. I have noticed some significant changes in my life. “Getting your life together ” will always be a lot of work, it will always be a challenge. If it is not difficult for you, you are probably doing it wrong.

As much as I would like to slap an “LOL” onto the end of that, it would not be suitable. As frightening as it is, it is still rough to try to get your life situations in order. I have found a few things that are really helpful when making big changes in your life.

For example, Everyone has papers. Important papers, informational papers, then trash papers. It is important to try to keep all of these such papers in the same location. It is also very advised to make sure you get folders. Even if you are not a very organized person, you do not need to be. It is practical for everyone who wants to make a change, to pursue this.  The point of this, is so when you need your important papers, you know exactly where to find them. You can locate them quickly and easily. Saves time, saves on frustration; I promise.

Unique Advice For Today: Start organizing and filing your paperwork. Even if its just a little bit at a time, it can/will make a huge impact in your life.

For those of you who need help, I may start a small page to reference every time you need help with the “paper-organizing” part of things.

For now, To start off; There are several different categories in which you will for sure need to file by. Each category will be different based on who you are and what you want to file by. Some examples of important general categories for your file system are…

  1. Informational Papers
  2. Bills
  3. Medical Papers
  4. School Papers (Self)
  5. School Papers (Child)
  6. House Papers
  7. Auto Mobile Papers
  8. Insurance
  9. Work/Job
  10. Receipts (large items)
  11. Receipts (Small Items)
  12. Budget Papers
  13. Events Information
  14. Church Papers
  15. Passed Date Papers
  16. Personal Information Papers

And so on…

To each person these categories may be different. But it is important to remember that most often, staying organized especially when it comes to paperwork, can really make a huge difference in your day to day lives.

I also started a budgeting notebook but I will write more on that another day.

Some items in your every day lives can/will be help tremendously just by staying even the slightest bit organized. We will explore on this a little more later on.

For now that will get you all started. Hope you all the best.


Do Not forget to come back every Wednesday & Friday at 6pm for more Unique Advice.



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