Seemingly Silly


There are definitely plenty of topics I feel are worth writing about. Some days I just sit and ponder which ones I truly feel are important or are needed brought to the attention of all of you. I wish I could say I feel like an accomplished writer. But I do not. With all of half written books and all of my articles on my website, I still feel like I am not really going anywhere.

But I have learned recently that the reason for my writing on this site, is to bring knowledge to those around me. To spread wisdom across the land. That was the main reason I created this site. Was to make sure all of the people who read these actually learned something, gain some type of wisdom and with that some type of understanding. I want my writing to promote a better way of thinking. I want my writing to reflect God’s will for our lives, to reflect Jesus’s (essence or presence, not sure the word I am looking for). But I want it to change lives.

Yesterday was my Mamas birthday. I would not be here if it was not for her. I would also not be who I am today if not for her wisdom and guidance. Since I was a tiny little person, I was a miracle for my family. I like to think that I will always have a purpose because I know that my family, my “people” really need me. I do not feel that will ever change. So even if my writing does nothing for the whole world, I like to think that at least my little humans, the ones that are my world, will benefit from the wisdom and knowledge I am so heavily trying to pursue.

I want them to know God, I want them to see power they never thought possible, I want them to experience blessing beyond our comprehension, because I know they are possible.

Thanks to my mama I have seen many miracles. I have seen many unbelievable things. I have heard soo many stories as well, one right after another that I could talk about for hours. But I don’t want to be telling stories, I want my family to experience these types of things first hand. To see the big differences we can make. To know things that not everybody does.

So even if I do feel silly sometimes, even if I do feel down that there isn’t many of you who want to read my articles, I know that the writing here makes at least a tiny difference in my history and I am fine with that. I also believe that if it is a “God Blessed Adventure”, that there will be blessing poured out on all of this because of it.

I hope you all truly do learn something from reading my writing. I also hope none of you will ever be discouraged. Especially if it is something because of what I have written. We are all meant for greater things. Having a purpose is what makes you who you are. So keeping praying and searching for answers. Like I have said before, we can all stand to learn something new.

Unique Advice For Today: Be who you were meant to be, Not who you think you should be. 

Have a blessed weekend All.

(P.S. Happy Belated Birthday to my Mama, Whom without I would not be. 😉



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