Falling Into Organization Habits


I would like to begin by sharing with you all, that I have not been a particularly organized human being. Even though I do have a touch of O.C.D. It is still not good enough in some areas around the house. Seemingly our house will never be perfect. Especially with two little people running around.

The first thing I had to get over, was there will never be a time where everything will stay perfect. If you get into the mindset of “it all must be perfect”. You will never accomplish what you have set out for. Even if you do by chance get to where it is perfect, it is not going to stay that way. Unless you have no kids, plenty of free time, and never any guests. That was a tough one for me to get over. I like when I finally get everything perfect. But I have also come to enjoy “fixing” things often. Staying perfect is no way to enjoy house organization. Yes, I did just write that; “Enjoy house organization”.

It seems to be a silly concept. But I truly believe there is a possibility to enjoy organizing your house. I know when everything has a place, and when I do not spend very much time looking for things; I know that life itself is easier to enjoy.

It definitely takes hard work. It takes self discipline. I can not explain to you how tough it is to gain some ground when you have no self discipline. It is important to wake up and work on the things around you. Give them some thought. Give organizing a thought and an effort. It helps tremendously.

In the past few days I have found a few things to be helpful. When making the most attractive looking changes, You start with the basics, “Cleaning”. When everything is swept, and the trash is taken out, when dishes are put away and the laundry is either put away or in the hamper; Everything starts to seem more organized by the way it is cleaned. Then to take things to the next step.

When you start to look at the larger picture of things. You start to see the simple things you use everyday, dishes, diapers, the food cabinet. When those things are easy to access, when those things are set up and put away nicely, it makes a huge difference n you r everyday. Everything starts to seem a little easy. Little bits at a time.

See even if you do not have a lot of free time in your day. You can still do things little bits at a time. In the long run, it will make everything much easier.

Unique Advice For Today: Start at the most basic beginning. A quick detailed cleaning helps everything look and feel more organized. Then start looking into ways to set up the stuff you use daily to be easier and more manageable. Bit by bit your everyday will be easier to manage, easier to maintain, and will bring organizing into your life.

Just starting off small will help you reach the hard parts. The things you thought would never be organized finally start to clearly come into view. You just have to have a little faith and start small.

Hope you all find your happy home. Hope you all have a more organized house. And We also pray you all have a wonderful weekend. 


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