Prioritizing Effectively


Today is many things. One of the thing it is that is largely important, it is the second to lastly article of September, and I have still yet to write more about the organization section I started. There are a few other things today is, for instance, it is my husbands birthday, it is nation “See you at the pole day”, Where people all over the country gather around their local school flag pole and pray over our schools and our nation. (That is exciting and you can learn more about it here: Also today is A Wednesday and there is a lot to get ready for.

Fall has begun, its time to start organizing and cleaning before winter starts. It is time to organize and make more room for family events; It is the starting of the holiday seasons. Not to mention in my whole family we have kicked off birthday season. We have about 10 of them before January in our family, and extended family. Plus I would love to start making cakes for every single one of them. Which I am excited about. Although that is also a lot of the reason there is a lot going on.

Even though nothing is never going to be easy. I can ease up on a lot of the stress and chaos of the holidays, by keeping up on daily housework, AND also keeping up on prioritizing tasks better.

Learning how to do things in an orderly fashion is a big help when dealing with day to day situations. Understanding where to begin is half the battle.

Unique Advice Today: List out the tasks that need done. Read the list twice and think on which NEEDS done before others. Then start by numbering them in the most “effective way”.

For Example, think of which is most important. I need to make a cake, clean up, do dishes, and wrap presents. So we think on them; In order to have ease when making a cake, it seems the best to start with the dishes so there is a nice clean work area. Then once I start the cake, I can clean up, that will be easier to do while the kids nap. Then once cake is ready and the babies are awake to help, we will wrap the presents together. Putting the tasks in an order that makes sense, takes a lot of thought. But it can make a world of difference.

So that list went from;

  • make cake
  • clean up
  • do dishes
  • wrap presents


  1. Do dishes
  2. Start the Cake
  3. Clean Up Public rooms
  4. Finish Cake
  5. Wrap presents

See how much of a difference that made? You need to look at not only which is most important to do, but which order will save you time and help keep you on the right track.

So as you go about your day, even if it is but a moment mentally, try to list off your tasks. It helps take away stress, anxiety, and it just plain saves time.

I pray you all the best. Looking forward to continuing giving you all tips on organizing your lives, So make sure to come back every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm for more Unique Advice.



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