Chasing the Clouds

Today will mark the 20th blog post on my new site. Things haven’t exactly been as easy as I was hoping. But on the other side of things, they Definitely have NOT been as hard as they could be. Today was really hard. My kids woke up on the wrong side of both their beds. I did NOT get enough sleep. Everything from the get go was such a pain to take on today.

I can not express to you, how much I despise bad days. I also can not express to you, how much I love my families. Today is Friday, most Friday evenings my husband and I get the chance to “ditch” the babies with my in-laws. Lord Bless their hearts. Some days, it is something I am HIGHLY looking forward to. Today is one of those days. To be as frank as possible, WE ARE SO BLESSED ITS FRIDAY! We are also soo blessed to have the opportunity to “get away” for a night. There are soo many people in the World that do not have the ability to just “Take a break”, I do believe it is something well needed in all families. A break from one another can play a big role in the tolerance and patience levels in life. I do hate to say it but if you are overwhelmed by your family. Maybe its time to take a break. Not a long one. But something, short and sweet, an hour, a night.

My Unique Advice Today:   Set up a time with your parents, if you have them, or a close friend, or your kid’s friends parents, or even a daycare service, or even just your other half; To take a break from your reality. 

Humans crave interactions, but we also crave peace. I believe if you are at peace, then you will be way easier for other people to enjoy. As much as I hate to break it to you, You are human too.

On the way to take my kids, they were not the best getting ready, they were not the best at getting shoes and coats on. Things were so difficult. Ornery babies. After we were all in the car, I turned on the radio and my son asked if we could go the long way today. So we did, on the small drive we noticed these awesome clouds in the picture above. I wanted a picture for tonight’s post, So we sped up and slowed down. Turned down a couple roads to try to find a way to get a picture without the darn power lines. By the third turn down road we were all laughing and having a total blast. I found my self realizing that maybe this is where the term “Chasing the Clouds” comes from. The joy we found in driving around looking for a place to take a picture was unbelievable. Today we found our Joy while we were chasing the clouds.

I Want everyone to know that maybe sometimes it is that easy to find peace. Some days it is much, much harder then that. Those days it is hard to just “stick with it.” Some days writing this blog feels JUST like that, difficult to do, hard to think through, just blah blah. You know the feeling? All in all, though, this blog will continue as long as I fight for it. Whether it is just a hard day or not. We got this!

I love my babies and I always will. But boy am I glad its finally Friday.


Don’t forget to come back Wednesdays and Fridays @6pm for more Unique Advice! 🙂


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