Don’t “Worry” Your Time Away

Time is such an important commodity. There will never be enough time. People do not realize how much of a role time plays in our reality. An egg that has sat on the counter for 5 minutes is usually fine to eat. An egg that has sat on the counter for 5 hours is probably not good anymore and runs risk of making someone sick. The egg that has been sitting there for 5 days, needs to go into the trash. It sat “cooling” for way too long.

My point is, a short amount of time usually doesn’t make a difference. But when you put all the little times together they have the possibility of changing components beyond our comprehension. Think about how time effects your family. Remember how sometimes it feels like you were a kid just a few days ago. Or how you still get blown away that your babies are NOT babies anymore. What have you been spending your time doing? Have you spent most days upset that things didn’t go as planned? Why live in a world where time seemingly stands still?; Only to learn it most certainly does not.

Unique Advice Today: Think of something that effects your time consistently each day. One thing that is not productive towards your day. Then sit and list 2 ways you can begin to stop this (?) from being a large effect on your time. If it is something you feel, you have a right to feel, but you need to focus on something other than the feelings in order to move passed them.

For example; Stressed every day? The load of chores, work, and fun have put a lot of pressure on you. When you get to a certain point you have to start to prioritize. (We will begin a short “How To Prioritize” within the next two weeks.) But for now just realizing the need for it, is a big step. The thing about this, is when you are stressed out, you are likely focused on being stressed out, rather than being focused on the next task you must accomplish.

You will not accomplish much if you spend your time “worried or stressed” about things. It is vital that we acknowledge we are feeling stressed, or overwhelmed. But just as it is important to admit our feelings, it is also vital, to take steps to move forward despite our feelings. We can not let our feelings overtake all of our time. We should not let our feelings take our time away.
One day we could wake up and wonder where the time went. It is completely disheartening the thought of realizing, all your time was “worried” away.

Time is important. There will never be enough of it. I really pray that myself, everyone I know and love, and all of you would realize, that time will not last forever. We must each choose how we spend each moment. It is up to ourselves and ourselves alone.

I have spent most of my day trying to think of how to word this post in a way that gets my point across. But it is hard to do. Going to try to NOT spend too much time overthinking this and just go for it. Thanks for your time 🙂


Don’t forget to come back Wednesdays and Fridays @6pm for more Unique Advice! 🙂


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