Consistently A Parent

Parenting is constant work. It definitely takes discipline on all sides. There are so many different approaches to parenting. I’ve not ever believed any one way is the “right” way. But I have learned a few tips and tricks in the midst of handling daily activities.

(Disclaimer: My words act only as advice and should NOT in any way be taken as actual directions on how to live. My advice is not fact! Only Opinion based on being a mother of two kids.)

So recently we have had some consistent attitude issues with our five year old and some minor problems with our two year old. It is hard to pin point exactly the point of error that causes the ornery-ness from time to time. When have been able to pin point the general area this time. They both know when the season of change is upon us. But how we as parents handle their reaction to change is crucial to the rest of their lives. (In risk of sounding dramatic.) Yet it is true.

Two separate areas have been effecting both of our kids in some way.

One area has been the new schedule and the other has been lack of family time.

Getting babies used to a new schedule is hard on everyone in the family. For several weeks you have to be, as consistent as possible, in keeping some routines and daily tasks. Ones that promote healthy responses to change. The hardest part about this is the consistency part. It is completely fine to mess up. But with mistakes, come a chance to learn. With learning comes growth. It is important for people, little ones especially to learn that change is imminent. So make sure to be very vocal about any change, no matter how big or small, especially when it will effect the whole family. It is so helpful when everyone in the family is on board with the current movement. Instead of fighting it, you can all just jump on the same wave length together and actually enjoy the journey. Change is not easy for everyone. When daily or timely routines start to stay relatively consistent, it is more likely, you AND your kids will begin to realize you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Better responses, better moods = happier healthier families.

The other thing we are sure has been effecting moods lately is; Simply family time. Regular family time, no matter how big or small your family is; Is important to promoting healthier brain activity. Which for children is huge. Roughly once a week, whether it be for a whole evening or just an hour, finding time to set aside to just “BE” with your babies is tremendously important. Once you start to spend time regularly with them, you will start to see immediate results to positive attitude changes. Babies crave love, the need love and their bodies literally search for it. It is most important as parents to make sure your babies feel loved, and know they are loved, Every Day! All the time; Consistently. Set aside time to just “BE” with them.

Being a parent is not, by a long shot an “easy job”.

My Unique Advice today: Try to get some sort of routine going. Find a goal to set for early morning or right before bed, or both. To help get your babies brain’s “jump started” and ready for the next activity. It does not have to be some huge elaborate plan. Simply brushing teeth together every morning, or reading a short story before bed. Simple little things can create a safe place inside of them. For them to know that they are ready for whatever is next. Also, set a time, may it be weekly or monthly, or even just daily; but set a “time” to bond. Give them your undivided attention; even though for most of us that is really hard to do. Just show them love, each day, consistently. You will not believe the changes you will start to see. In your moods, in your structure, even in your rough times. There is room for this to improve every aspect of parenting.

You are not a bad parent. Unless of course you are “slightly” trying to be one. Being a parent is work, it is work 100% of each and every day. It all counts. You will make mistakes, you will have bad moments, but as long as you are consistently trying to make things better in your everyday lives; Living each moment one by one; You will be successful in creating a stable foundation for you and your babies. You will also be successful in paving a road for each little one behind you to follow along safely. Make sure that road is journeyed for a purpose and not just for “whatever”.
“When our babies know each and every day, that they are safe AND loved, then they know that their lives are worth something. That is one of the greatest gifts, we as parents, can give.”


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