Do Not Assume

What do you think this post will be about?

Wrong, To be completely honest; I don’t even know what it will be about. Understanding my everyday has been so hard for me. This month alone has had so much going on, it is hard to be able to analyze each experience individually. Especially when everything begins to overlap. There has to be time set aside to process things. Whether its five minutes or an hour. It is an important part of a healthy functioning brain. Our bodies are at better ease when we take time to process certain things. If you do not have the time to reflect on moving to a different state or you do not get time to grieve over a lost loved one, there could be serious repercussions of that. Different parts of the body are effected by things in our daily lives. You have to know or have learned that at some point in your life. Otherwise you could wind up leading an unhealthy lifestyle. If you start to pick up habits here and there that are “healthy” for you in some way; the sooner the better.

I realize I have covered the habits thing before. But it is important to Understand why you must constantly be pursuing a better life for yourself and your family. I do not for a second believe we were created to be life-less, love-less, unproductive creatures. WE WERE MEANT TO LIVE FOR SO MUCH MORE!!!

We have to make the decision to have a better life. Yes, I have said that before as well. This is, has been and always will be a hard to do. Consistency in understanding even the small things; Have proven time after time to make a HUGE impact. Everywhere, change has brought us forward.

Today’s Unique Advice; Make a way; sit down at some point in today; Give yourself time to reflect on the things happening today. Understand your point in reality just for TODAY. To do this each day separately is a task in its own. But you won’t believe how much better you can feel mentally.

Breathe in, reflect, understand, and let the bad things Go; Give it All to God; Pray for the understanding and strength to keep going, no matter what lies ahead.

Yes, I do feel a little silly pursuing this way of thinking. But I truly believe that Everything Everywhere would be a bit better; If people would just stop and THINK for a moment. It is hard for me to feel like I will make a difference. But I know that I will. I just can’t really see this being a “global” effect. But I do feel I will make a difference in at least one life. That is enough for me, So I will keep going and I will constantly be pursuing knowledge and a better understanding of it. Not just for my benefit, but to benefit everyone around me as well.


Don’t forget to come back Wednesdays and Fridays @6pm for more Unique Advice! 🙂


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