Habits Make a Difference

People have always found a way to overcome every obstacle they are faced with. When we have faced serious problems in history, there was usually someone right there to invent a “way out”, over, or through. We have adapted many many habits to get us to where we are today in history. People have had to do repetitive things, every day, to become who they wanted to be. All the famous scientist tested theories over and over, before it became what it was meant to be. Some never made it. The thing about this, is they had to learn specific habits in there lifetime to even have the thought process to put all of those little things together. When things came together, like the light bulb and the first computer; they didn’t happen over night, but they did completely change the World.

Examples range anywhere and everywhere, from people figuring out different materials to clothe their bodies, to people finding a way to get cargo from one place to another quicker then ever before. Adaptions that humans have made are astounding. The thing about it is to make a change you have to want it and, yes, pursue it. (like I have said before) But, you also have to be able to identify within yourself, actions and improvements to move you closer. In order to be productive you have to adapt productive habits. In order to get more done in a day you have to “adapt” to waking up earlier in a day and perhaps adapt to going to bed at a “decent” time, the SAME time, every evening. You do not HAVE to. You only need to if you realize that is something holding you back from being accomplished.

In starting it seems lame, and repetitive. But starting yourself with a basic list of daily tasks. Or doing them at the same times each day. Maybe goal from getting the same one thing done each morning, every day of the week. Or list out a different task for every morning of week. Creating an internal sense of consistently will help in the World of constant change. It in turn will help provide skills needed to be more productive.

If you do not want to be productive then that is fine. You should know that you are meant for so much more, whether you believe it or not. But until you learn how to be your true self, you will never truly be brought to your full potential. You can stifle away your gift. But you will have a heck of a time finding true bliss. There will constantly feel like a part of you is missing. Just something I think everyone should hear at some point in their lives.

Back to subject; In creating structure for you and your family, you will reap many internal benefits. At this moment I will not talk about each benefit because I want you too see first hand the proof you need, just from watching your goals come in to reality. No matter how small and insignificant they might seem.

“Take a Deep Breathe.”

In a minute, close your eyes. Think about your family, your work, your friends, then yourself. Think of an important area that is being effected by lack of production.

For me right now; our “personal family time” keeps getting displaced. I have goaled to setting aside one night a week, (Monday) to doing a group activity and talking about things in our lives. It seems lame but I believe part of the reason we have had an increase in attitudes, is because the last several weeks, “family time”, has been sabotaged in some way. I will stand for this no more and I am taking control of the time spent together as a family. So we have a goal now. We also have a goal set to finish our daily chore, every day. This so far has proven to be somewhat effective. But there are also the days we may forget or not have time. That is fine. It is just fine to make mistakes. No matter what you are trying, it is fine to mess up. The important thing is to be trying.

Creating habits to run a better household or having a better life is crucial to our reality. It is in our blood to adapt new habits. It is vital to our lives that we make them productive habits.

Write down one thing you want to goal for this week. Let me know how it went. I know it seems so lame but I can guarantee things will get better the minute you start adapting productive habits.


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