Death is a tough thing to think about. But it is also a hard thing to not think about. Death has become a somewhat vital part of humanity. If no one died, there would be a lot of issues to work out, like food and space, important things that we already have issues with, even though people do die. I hate death. I hate that people die. It’s never fair, it’s never a good time. There is absolutely nothing I could say that would make it any better. Grieving was meant to help people try to handle a loss. It is a critical part of the process. Grieving is one of the hardest things in the world to go through. There is someone in everyone’s life that they miss.

I miss my grandmas, all three of them. I miss both of my uncle. I miss my other mother from growing up ( my ex best friend mom). So many I could add, just not enough time or space to include everyone that I miss. I miss my cat Gracie, my fiance’s cat Cocoa, his family’s dogs Hegan and Rocket. Animals are usually a really tough loss as well. It is hard to think about any one of them without crying. It is hard to not want to bawl for hours, just because you want to see them again. To talk to them one last time, to have a drink together, a laugh, to share one more smile. I cannot​ tell you how much I think about those who are no longer with us. It hurts, it is hard and it always will be. It is the worst part of being human. But those people wouldn’t want you to cry every time you think about them. They would more likely want you to think about the good times, remember the long talks, remember them for who they were and what they did. It is ok to cry. It is ok to be sad that they are gone. But you have to try to get through that part of grieving before you can even begin to heal. Even though you will never completely heal. Remembering those we have lost is a big deal. There are days people have dedicated to it, because it is important to remember them.

What you cannot do is forget about the people that are still here. These people won’t always be here, they won’t always be annoying, or difficult, or a pain in the butt. You need to remember that your love them in spite of the hardships, in spite of the fact that they drive you crazy. These people, your parents, your children, your siblings, your pets, your friends, they won’t ALWAYS be there. Cherish the moments that you have with each one of them. Cherish each and every moment you get. In the end, that is all that you will have left. Memories, memories created, time you shared, is all that you will have left. So stop letting everything be such an inconvenience, you do not know how much time you have left.

Embrace your moments!



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