Starting Small

I prefer to write on paper, instead of trying to type things out. But I am going to try this the next few days to see how it goes. I am very aware that even after I write it, I am still going to have to type it out. Especially if it is for this blog. But see at least that will help with the editing process a little more and I can feel comfortable with what I am posting. The hardest thing about this whole writing situation, is worrying about the people who are looking for every little mistake. There is a lot I do not know yet. But over thinking the situation and how people are going to judge it or judge me or judge my opinion, is NOT the way to think when you are in this line of work. I am currently writing a book, yes, I am currently producing a blog, and I hope to soon produce a video blog as well but….I also have a few other “YouTube projects” I would like to pursue more soon. The thing about this is that it is hard work. It takes discipline, time, consistency but most of all it takes a little bit of confidence. It has taken me such a long time to get this up and going, mainly due to the fact that I have consistently worried about how people are going to “think” about my opinion. My mother has always told me, “You can not control how someone else is going to react, you can only control how YOU handle the situation.” The older I get, the more this phrase and variables of it, seem to fit a lot more areas of life then I ever knew it would.

How people take what I have to say, is not up to me, not at all. I can only control how I word things, how I phrase things, and how I explain things. There is not going to be only ONE way to do it. If someone is to take offense to it, or just straight up does not like what I have to say, it is not my job to be concerned with that. The things I write, think, and say I put down here to impart wisdom on those who CHOOSE to seek it. There are a lot of questions about a lot of things, that this whole experience has and will bring about. Many of the questions people will have, about how I started, or where I am, or why my opinions are the way that they are, I am prepared to answer somewhere down the line. If you continue reading, you are liable to learn something. No that is not a guarantee, but I hope it could be one day.

Since I have began to pursue Wisdom, I have learned a lot of things, not only that but I have also learned more about things that I had thought I had known already. This whole situation has been super intimidating. The more I get into setting things up, the harder it gets. I want to know more, I want to share the knowledge I have and will obtain. Also I would like to hear from people who are intrigued as well. Any opinion is appreciated, but there is no outside opinion that will depict my writing purposes.



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