A Letter To Jesus

Dear Jesus,

If you were like Santa, I’d ask for a kitchen aid; I’d ask for some shoes, a new car or a set of new measuring spoons.

If you were like Santa, I might ask for toys or something I fancy if only I’m good.

If you were like Santa, I’d only be nice; If only, If only I got kitchen knives.

If you were like Santa, I’d write you a list and once it sent off I’d go get the kids.

But since you are Jesus and not Santa Claus; I ask you for Joy and peace here within.

I ask you to stay with us, wherever we go. I ask you to bless us all, deserving or no.

Cause I know that you love us no matter our faults, no matter who or what we are.

I give thanks for your birth and the day you were born.

I give thanks for your promise and your point of return.

I give thanks for these people all stubborn and worn. I love every one of them and I give thanks that you do too.

Without them, this holiday would be pretty grim. Without them this Christ Mas would not be the same.

We are blessed with each other on a cold winters night.

Happy Birthday to you , 2018 years after birth and you are still the same.

Merry Christmas to everyone and to all a goodnight,

For Christ was born unto us on a cold winters night.



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